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Deborah is a native Californian, growing up in Los Angeles and currently residing in San Diego. A University of California Los Angeles Theatre Arts graduate, she began her career at "The Round Table" in Temecula where she appeared weekly for five years. This early experience ignited Deborah's passion for performing. She has since appeared with her band at numerous venues in San Diego. She also volunteers for numerous fundraisers, hospitals, and schools, sharing her gentle melodies and dynamic energy to reach listeners everywhere and continues to inspire students in her role as teacher and performer.

Deborah Abrams. A singular singer.

To some in the music business, success might mean a Grammy nomination or a national tour. But Deborah Abrams, a song stylist of extraordinary skill, knows that true success is measured in other ways, as well.

“The real winners in this life are those who persevere at what they love,” she says.

What Deborah Abrams loves is music. And that fact comes through loud and clear, sometimes soft and clear, in every nuanced note she sings.

With a song – hundreds, actually -- in her heart

For nearly fifteen years, Deborah has been sharing her love of music with scores of appreciative audiences: in piano bars and casino lounges, at special events, fundraisers, and to packed houses at fine dining establishments that serve up jazz, blues, and ballads -- along with the bruschetta and Bordeaux. Her eclectic repertoire also includes pop and swing, Latin and country. Whatever the style or genre, Deborah has the rare ability to make each song her own.

Her road to success

In recent years, Deborah Abrams has established herself within the San Diego music scene. These days she’s a well-known voice in places where the locals – and tourists, too -- gather to enjoy good music and live jazz.

But she’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t always so. When she moved to San Diego in 1999, she had few professional contacts in the area. But that didn’t stop Deborah Abrams from singing. In her first months here she’d sometimes sing with friends – for free, for fun – near the water’s edge in Ocean Beach, with her boom box in the sand, and a chorus of seagulls in the background.

Now, with two CDs to her name, a third in the works, and a list of kudos longer than the Ocean Beach pier, Deborah smiles at the memory of those days.

Many accomplishments to smile about, too

If asked to list her accomplishments, Deborah will speak graciously of all that she’s learned – and continues to learn -- from the first-rate jazz musicians who accompany her. She might also mention the latest songs she’s written and recorded. Her eyes will brighten even more when asked about the audiences she and her band perform for.

“I sing the songs people like to hear. I love to see them happy. For me, the audience is very much a part of the magic that happens in the process of performing.”

One of her favorite moments as a performer?

“Well, when I’m singing at a restaurant, it’s the ‘Bravo’s’ I’ve been known to get from the servers and the kitchen staff!”

She’s also heard that word, “Bravo” – or variations of it -- from teachers and school children, when she’s been invited to local schools to share with the kids her songs and the can-do inspiration of her musical journey.

A singular singer

Whenever Deborah takes the mic, closes her eyes, and sings, she gives voice, not only to love songs and pop hits, jazz classics and show tunes, but also to the transformative power of music itself. Sometimes the voice of this San Diego songstress purrs. Other times, it soars. But always it says, “Music is what I was meant to do.”

Deborah Abrams is a member of the following organizations:

dot.gif ( ASCAP ) American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
dot.gif Jazz Association of Greater San Diego
dot.gif Blues Lovers United of San Diego
dot.gif Jazz 88, KSDS-FM, 88.3 Radio, San Diego



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