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"Deborah,   I wanted to thank you again for performing on Easter
for us here at the Hilton. The response was fantastic and
I will be looking forward to inviting you back to play
for us again sometime in the near future."

James Davis
Restaurant Manager
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, Torreyana Grill

Hello Deborah, I really enjoyed your music last night. I would like to work out a
better night for you. I will contact you by next week so we can have a set
date that I could promote through the newspaper. Thanks again. Will
talk to you soon.

John Busarelos
Cafe La Maze

Deborah, I hope all is well with you. We received very good positive feedback on the performance. Thank You!

Adam Packer FSP, Notary, BS
Activities & Fitness Director
Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel

Dear Deborah:
Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us at our fourth
annual Pacific Beach Fest. Your love of music did "shine" on that stage
in song and classical violins!

Darice Westwood
Community Stage Coordinator

I heard Abrams sing and offered her a job. Now customers come back because of her.

Jacque Lovell, Round Table owner

Read newspaper article from 1994
reflecting Deborah's early career capturing local audiences.

Review from Toronto



APRIL 4, 2010

"One of the best radio stations in the world—JAZZ.FM91"



I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm a supporter of a great jazz station we have in this town - Jazz Fm. I bought time to do a
half-hour radio show during the last fund-raising drive for the station. I was in recording it last night.

Yes, this does have something to do with you. I have been driving professionally for 30 years in Toronto, so driving was the theme for my show. My closing song was the classic driving song 'Route 66'. I bought your version from iTunes and used it to close my show.

Just wanted you to know I gave you a plug on a jazz station that
goes worldwide, for free, over the Internet and around Northeast New York state and Ontario on the FM (91.1) dial. It is scheduled to air on www.jazz.fm (click on the listen live button) on April 4, 2010 @ 10:00 pm. Thanks for your time to read this long message. I wish you all the best with your music.

Harvey Bearinger

Review by Dutch Radio

Jimmy op Sensuele Jazz Toeren - 10 September 2009

Dear Deborah Abrams,

The next episode of my weekly musical causerie 'Jimmy op Toeren' on Radio Rijnmond will be about your Cold Wind-cd. The item lasts about 8 minutes and will be broadcasted during a program called Live uit Lloyd (Live from Lloyd), Thursday 17th of September, between 2.00 and 5.00 pm Dutch time, which is related to 8.00 till 11.00 am New York-time. If you like you can listen to it on www.rijnmond.nl, under button 'live radio'.
I like your cd!

Dutch greetings,

To Listen Click Here



"I enjoyed your "take" on all the old standards that I've known for forever, and that have been "covered" SO many times by SO many artists; but you manage to do something... the word I think of is "fresh"... Your stylization is unique, while being free and easy... and it isn't easy to do make those oldies sound "new", but, again, you really have a unique "way" about your presentation that is most enjoyable. Your love of what your doing really comes through, too. "

I am a brazilian lover music who likes My Funny Valentine very, very much. I have a kind of collection of this beautiful music which has been recognized by Guinness World of Records. I bought the music at iTunes and I liked very much your interpretation with the piano. This song is the version number 1502 of my "collection" of My Funny Valentine.

Gerardo Barbosa
Lima, Peru

" Deborah is a hot number when it comes to moving you with her soft, sexy voice. What a talent! I first heard her perform on the Carnival Cruise Line Elation. I asked her to sing at my on-board birthday party and much to my surprise, she accepted. What a treat! She gave me her first CD, Cold Wind, which I play on my Power PC as I write. I've been a following fan of hers ever since. When she came to Santa Monica, I caught her performance at the Bob Burns Piano Bar. Boy, was that a night! If you ever get an opportunity to see her perform, you'll become a fast fan, too. I can't wait for her next CD. There's no one like her when it comes to singing torch songs. No one can touch her sound or style. "
Deborah Johnson,
Venice, California

" Deborah shares a part of herself and she has fun with it. There is an energy between her and the audience. She is doing what she loves and  has a sense of purpose about it. My Mom and I have enjoyed watching you live and listening to your CD all the time. I think you are very talented and you bring joy to my heart. Keep at it. You are already a success in my book and the best is yet to come."
Bill Lee
San Diego, CA

Thank you for keeping me on your email list. I do not get to hear you sing very often, due to my heavy work schedule, but when I do, I hear your incredible growth. It is AMAZING what you have done to develop your voice. You just get better and better, more authentic and warmer, every time I hear you. You went from a "good" sounding voice to a stylish, warm, intimate and emotionally moving delivery. I am in awe of what you have accomplished. Congrats to you and whomever is coaching you! It encourages me to get out there and try again and work toward improvement -something I have not done in years and years. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again.
Barbara at Kelly's
San Diego

" Debe's first CD which includes two songs of her own reflect her sentiment as well as her ability to express her feelings in an intimate relaxed style. This talent finds a perfect compliment in her natural, fresh and endearing voice with the necessary upbeat that makes the listener not only enjoy but also identify with the song."
Abe & Nayda Stein
Puertorican Fan Club

" Applause exploded as Deborah Abrams appeared as 'Janis Joplin' in the smash musical comedy ' Heaven Rocks' at Cabrillo Dinner Theatre in Point Loma, San Diego."
Brad Moher
San Diego, California

" An evening with Deborah brings the audience back to lovely fireside moments when the radio was king. Her voice, though gentle, fills the room and tempts the listener to want to sing along."
Anne Greenberg
San Diego, CA

" Hearing Deborah Abrams sensuous voice is like being massaged by a velvet glove!"
Linda Lawrence
Music Educator, San Diego Unified School District

"Deborah is a fantastic and inspirational singer and a pleasure to hear."
Joyce Martin

" I listened to her CD with earphones and it really sounded good. Her phrasing is fresh and interesting."
Risa Radow
Ojai, CA

" Deborah Abrams voice is clean, clear and powerful - combined with her exuberant personality."
Mike Higgins
Boat Captain, San

" Debe loves and enjoys singing and it shows and she glows. Her spirit shines through.
San Diego

" Deborah dares to live her dream. She takes a personal risk and sets an example. She starts from where she is and moves toward  where she wants to be. She is strong and steady with a sense of hope. She is a unique, bright and sparkling spirit. What drives her doesn't go away."
Jennifer McCarthy
San Diego, CA

" Her smile has always made me feel good. Her laugh is healing. Always a joy to be around her power of positive thinking."
Elyse Eiser
Pasadena, CA

" Bob and I really enjoyed your singing. You have a very lovely voice,Debbie,.my husband described your voice as having a 'soft texture'. We sat outside and listened for a while."




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